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Mx-Fx 1.0 creates Flash effects as buttons, banners, etc
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Triple W Communications

Mx-Fx 1.0 creates Flash animations as banners, Flash buttons, text effects and any other Flash effect for Web sites.
Mx-Fx 1.0 is easier to use than Adobe Flash; the trial version didn’t allow creating all the Flash effects that the software can make. The Mx-Fx 1.0 GUI (Graphic User Interface) is very friendly to use and you can start to create Flash effects immediately.
The process to create any effect is very simple, just enter the text on the Text tab menu and select the text effect and the text font on the same tab, then press the Update button to see a preview of your text, the text effect and the font that you have chosen.
The Text Effect tab menu increases the size and the rotation’s text, and the color font. The Background Effects tab menu provides 26 background effects to select and the background effect selected also can be modified on its size, rotation and color.
The Movie Settings Tab changes the color and the dimensions of the flash effect created. To save your Flash effect press the Save button and choose the option that you want to create.
The help information and the manual are online is very simple according to the Mx-Fx 1.0 software.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • Mx-Fx 1.0 is friendly and easy to use. It creates Flash effects quickly
  • There are many effects to create Flash animations very easy


  • There is no information about the platforms to install (I Tested on Windows XP)
  • The trial version always reminds you to purchase when you're saving the flash animation
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